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Weddings and marriage proposals in the South of France

Find out how I can help you to organize the most romantic event you can experience in the natural surroundings of Southern France. Make your customers live an extraordinary experience, guided by the right person.

Dear Partner,​

Hi, I’m Aurélie, a French event planner, from « Love Love Day ». We never met yet, but we are both members of the wedding industry.

I am emailing you because I have spent the last year working on an offer which I think might be right for your company. These are packages of destination weddings, specifically for your type of business. I have spent the two last year working on my market study.

If I am right, getting into a partnership with me would help you (and me) get more clients. I can personally assist you in organising in my region, in the South of France.

I invite you to visit my website (the translation is in progress).

Thanks in advance for considering this, and I hope to meet you in person, during my journey, one of the following days. I will come to the United States, from the beginning of december to the end of february 2020.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

Best regards,
Aurélie Reynes

10 avenue du Roussillon
11260 Campagne-sur-Aude
Occitanie, France

The best of South of France

"To travel through our region is to breathe in the atmosphere of our ancient castles, stroll under a patchwork of colourful market stalls, or travel through time in the caves of Ariège or the amphitheatre at Nîmes.
The region is the perfect destination for both nature lovers and history buffs. The variety of landscapes on offer is rivalled only by the incredible diversity of cultures.

Whether you’re a history lover, a hiker, photographer or a Sunday stroller, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in Occitanie." We are located between the mountains of the Pyrénées and the Mediterranean sea.

Some of the places for a beautiful wedding or marriage proposal

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